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After 2 Eclipses and Mercury Retrograde...

...try this bath as a reset!

A beautiful white bathtub in front of a contemporary red wall

When you have at least a half hour or so… light a white candle and dim the lights. Draw yourself a warm bath, and to it add:

~ three tablespoons of sea salt 

~ a handful of fresh basil leaves 

~ a dropper full of lemon oil or a few fresh lemon slices

Swish the ingredients into the bath, and then soak for at least 15-20 minutes. Imagine any funky or draining energy coming out of your body and into the bathwater. When you're done, watch the water drain and ask Mother Earth to transmute and take away the unbalanced energy. Then take the white candle with you and let it burn out!

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Love this so much !! A human version of a summer pot ❤️. Negativity be Gone ! That reminds me - I need more 😊

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