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Crystal of the Week~Lapis Lazuli

During times when I desire to work with and on my intuitive abilities...

...I often think of Lapis. 

Lapis Lazuli is renowned for its incredible abilities to increase our psychic abilities. Its mystical usage dates back 1000’s of years with the Egyptian culture who strongly recognized its extraordinary metaphysical power. 

The Witch holding a lapis triple moon pendant

When concerning spiritual enlightenment, it all starts within. Lapis Lazuli helps us go deep within our souls to awaken our path and divine purpose. You will be amazed how this crystal illuminates the spirit. 

Lapis works well for calming the mind and opening the ways to higher consciousness. It enables you to keep your feet on the ground and be centered yet still allows for potent spiritual journeying. 

Lapis lazuli set in rings and pendants, as well as some large lapis crystals

Hold or wear during any meditation or astral work to promote deep spiritual experiences and connection to Guides, Ancestors, and Angels. 

The tranquil blue Lapis is food for the soul and with all the celestial activity lately, it’s a good one to explore!


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