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Meet the Witch

When I was 22, in August of 1999, the Goddess Hekate came to me with a message:  She instructed me on what my future was going to look like.  She told me that I needed to teach and create a safe and sacred space for the Olde ways to be taught, embraced, and spread.  I was taken aback, as I had no previous business experience and I was so very young!  But Hekate is not a Goddess to be ignored, and just a few months later, in November of 1999, I opened the doors to my brick and mortar Shoppe, Pandora's Box, in Connecticut. 

I was raised Roman Catholic, but being from an Italian family, this had a bit of a mystical aura.  My great aunt, who was like a grandmother to me, was a self proclaimed Witch, albeit still Catholic.  She had the gift of psychic sight and dreams as well as a palpable magical energy that could be felt by anyone who was lucky enough to be in her presence.  Everyone knew she was a Witch; she called herself that!  So the idea of, and the word—Witch—was not ever scary to me; rather it was a term of pride, allure, and respect. 

The Witch standing next to the statue of the Moon Goddess in Pandora's Box
The Witch pointing up at the sign outside Pandora's Box

In college I took a variety of classes on psychology and anthropology.  It was in an anthropology class that I first discovered the Goddess.  I was blown away, and my whole world shifted from that moment on!  I quickly began researching further into the world of Witchcraft and the ways of the Goddess, and that started the dominos falling in just the ways they were meant to.  I met my first mentor in 1998 and began studying under her the magick of olde.  I also taught myself how to read Tarot, and dove into any and all available reading materials, classes, and spiritual retreats.  It became quite evident to me that I was a natural Witch, and always had been.  Not long after,  Hekate came into my life and guided me on the path which I am still on today, 25 years later. 

From the very first months of opening my Shoppe I began offering classes.  I taught, along with other trusted colleagues, every month for the next 21 years. Pandora's Box offered workshops on a wide variety of topics relating to metaphysics, Witchcraft, Wicca, Spellcraft, Reiki, Shamanism, and more.  But when the pandemic hit in 2020, I had to stop offering the in-person classes for safety reasons.  During this time, my online shoppe increased greatly, making it challenging to also reinstate the in-person classes that I so dearly loved and know that I am meant to teach. 

Which leads me to here and now.  As a Witch, Priestess, and Reiki Master, I am thrilled to be able to offer my 25 plus years of knowledge to a broader audience!  I so look forward to continuing my work as a Priestess of Hekate and the Olde Ways, sharing my experiences, guidance, and growing wisdom. 

Welcome, and Blessed Be!

Triple Moon symbol
The Witch lighting a candle on one of the altar's inside Pandora's Box
Pandora's Box logo in gold
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