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The Witch looking up at a sign over the reading room
A candle burning in a stone bowl on a metal pentacle, with  various crystals in the background and foreground

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Enhance your practice by exploring topics including, but not limited to, tarot and divination, magick/spellcraft, crystals, energy work, Witchcraft, spiritual connection, and more. You will also find a variety of free and members-only content ranging from: videos, blog posts,  monthly Tarot insights,  weekly crystal facts, Goddess messages, and other magical tips! I look forward to guiding you along your path!

"Casting the Circle," by Waterhouse, one of the Witch's favorite paintings
A black and white closeup of a candle flame

A Book of Shadows

The Witch's Musings and Magickal Tips

Portrait of the Witch with raven in the foreground

Hi, I'm Allison—the Witch behind Pandora's Box!

When I was 22, in August of 1999, the Goddess Hekate came to me with a message: She instructed me on what my future was going to look like. She told me that I needed to teach and create a safe and sacred space for the Olde Ways to be taught, embraced, and spread...

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