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Where Does the Time Go?

Time moves so quickly, (this can be intense sometimes!) which has me pondering better ways to work on flowing with it and staying more in the moment. Try this…

The Witch holding a Budai/Hotei "Laughing Buddha" statue

When you wake up, take just a couple minutes to breathe consciously and bring your awareness to the present. Stand up and take another deep breath in, clap your hands once and say:

"I am now, I am here, time moves on, yet I remain clear."

Say that aloud three times and then stomp your feet on the ground a few times to center your energy. 

Do this daily as a little ritual to start your day in the place that matters—THIS MOMENT!

As the day goes on, whenever you feel like you’re getting lost and not being in the moment, clap your hands or stomp your feet  (it can be lightly, by the way 😊) to remind yourself of where and who you are! 💜


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