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There's Magick in the Kitchen

When I’m not in a rush, I love to cook! It’s almost like a moving meditation to get completely absorbed in the kitchen...

A plaque from the Witch's kitchen

The glorious scents, the interesting textures and feelings… the sounds that undoubtedly make me nostalgic, recalling memories from childhood and cooking with special loved ones... the beautiful creations we eventually complete, and the variety of flavors that bring a smile!

And of course the opportunity for a little kitchen Witch Magick is always there! 

A knit Witch wall hanging

Speak your intentions while making your recipes—bless your food with love and gratitude—choose ingredients, when possible, that dance and correlate with your magic, such as adding honey to a dish to help sweeten somebody (who’ll be eating it) up! ❤️

The Witch holding a bottle of local honey

Be creative, be joyful, and mostly, BE PRESENT. 🔥

That way, you’ll really take in the whole experience, engaging all of your senses, and fill yourself fully and truly: your whole mind, body, and spirit!💫



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