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Out with the Old!

A plaque with an invitation to sit, a reminder to come back to our magical selves!

Anyone else feelings the growing urge, or almost need, to declutter and purge stuff?!

I don't know if it's the time of year or that all the planets are direct right now, but there's this push coming from within to get rid of the old... to clear out the stagnant... to make SPACE.

From clothes to trinkets and outdated decorations, we all tend to hang on to way more than we should or actually need. And the more I examine it the more I realize how it's an all-around issues that almost everyone can probably relate to.

It's not just that it's a practical problem that affects us on a physical and mundane level—it's an energetic problem, as well! When we have too much stuff and hold onto things that we have outgrown, or that are no longer useful, we much up the energy and atmosphere of our homes, and this affects us internally, too.

This sluggish environment can dampen our mood, and I have seen it cause fatigue and increase stress. It bogs down the flow of productivity and slows down our ability to function well.

It's pretty easy to see the evidence of, because when I clear out a small portion of a cluttered room I feel so much lighter and my overall demeanor improves! But... we are all busy and the likelihood of us doing hours and hours of cleaning and going through things isn't super high. However, we can all maybe spare an hour or two a week! Even that small amount of time and clearing out will begin to add up and after a few weeks, the effects will begin to radiate all around!

A meditating cat statue seated on a beautiful purple cloth

When we release and let go—when we create SPACE—we are more open for the NEW! With more room comes more opportunities for shifting vibrations and fresh possibilities for the next chapter.

So, I'm setting a personal goal fo rhte remainder of winter: to spend a bit of time every week working on letting stuff go and making space. I'm ready for what's next! How about you?


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