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Natural Talents ~ Trust and Feed Them!

A Witch knows we all have at least a couple natural talents in this life~ Could be anything really.. whatever they are, they come naturally to us and we tend to excel at them mostly with joy and ease. 

The witch grinding herbs by hand in a mortar and pestle

I discovered one of mine not long after I first opened my Shoppe. I taught myself to make loose incense. I had seen some once at a Witch store years before and was so intrigued by the fragrant powders. I just didn’t understand how they were made.. but that didn’t stop me!

I had a small, ceramic mortar and pestle at the time and I began combining a few herbs and grinding them down. There was something very rhythmic and meditative about the movement and process of turning the dried roots and herbs into a powder. As I twisted and turned, pounded and blended, the essence of the plants sang out to me and it was like they sang to me their purpose and desire through textures and scent. 

The witch holding a small black bowl of her burning incense powder

So I began to research their magical properties and uses and incorporated this knowledge into my own unique blends. I experimented, played, made mistakes that led me to grand results; and before I knew it, my art, and my personal talent- blending scent with intention- was born. 

Some of my recipes are more simple, with only several very specific yet purposeful ingredients, but most are rather intricate concoctions of more than a dozen or more components that come together to form a spell of lush, sacred smoke that fuels a magical purpose~ all draped in potent and mysterious fragrance that is unlike any other.

That was 24 years ago, when I first touched a mortar and pestle... I still make incense to this day, every week (and sometimes more) and yes, I still love it! I have mastered over 50 specialty spell blends and have no plans of stopping—I just created another new one last month, in fact! 

Incense ingredients waiting to be ground in a mortar

Trust in your passions. Let them teach you. Let them be your guide. Let yourself try and fail and try some more. Let yourself succeed and excel if for no other reason than because you love it. And because it makes you feel alive, because it spreads a smile through you that reminds you of being a carefree child. And if this gift somehow helps others or touches their hearts and enriches their lives, then even better! What a blessing that is!

Someone once called me "the mistress of Divine smoke" and shared with me how my blends had helped them greatly through some real difficulties. This is the best compliment of all. And this is why I’ll never stop. You can explore some of my spell incenses here!

May this inspire you to never stop nourishing your gifts ❤️



I have always had a strong intuition and some precognitive experiences. It has just been more recently that I started trusting and nurturing my gift. Since I started learning and practicing tarot, I feel like I finally found myself. I am excited to start pendulum work also. Thank you for sharing your gifts and knowledge. Blessed be.

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You’re very welcome 😊

That’s great! Tarot is a wonderful platform to explore our own intuition 💜it’s one of my favorite forms of divination and it’s always teaching us something new💫💖


You have the best blends I’ve ever come across!

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Thank you very much!🥰💜


I love this story so much! And your incenses are absolutely amazing 🥰

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I appreciate your taking the time to read my story! So glad you enjoy my incenses 💖🥰💜

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