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Here Comes the Equinox!

Whether it’s the spring or autumn equinox, both times are filled with extraordinary and unique scents. 

A beautiful cluster of snowdrops in early Spring

If you have an oil diffuser, try these blends to help soak in and celebrate this equinox

For the spring season, add to your diffuser:

~ 6-10 drops of Lily of the Valley oil (depending how strong you like it)

~3-5 drops of Peppermint oil 

This blend invites a fresh energy into your home that helps to gently purify and attract peace, love, and prosperity

A misty Autumn forest scene at the edge of the water

For the autumn season, add to your diffuser:

~ 3-5 drops of Cedar oil

~ 2-4 drops of Patchouli 

~ 4-6 drops of Sandalwood 

This combination encourages spiritual work, wisdom, and protection


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