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Faerie Offerings

Remember to leave offerings to the Faeries this time of year! 

A section of the painting "Hylas and the Nymphs" by John William Waterhouse

The Solstice is filled with very ‘festive’ energy when it comes to the Fae. They tend to be quite a bit more palpable and there are oftentimes more sightings and more overall activity as well. 

Given their generally mercurial nature, it is wise to keep on their good side!  Whether one works with them specifically or just recognizes and acknowledges their existence, showing good intentions and respect is always important. 

This midsummer’s eve I gave a plate of fruit, cheese, and cinnamon buttered bread 😍. Cream and honey, or even a little good liquor also works!  

An image of offerings to the Fae left on the ground, along with a bottle of liquor, containing cinnamon raisin bread with butter, nuts and seeds,  cheese, and fruit

Then I spoke from the heart in a simple and sincere way.. 

“I offer you this food, in honor and respect. May there be peace and friendship between us.”  Then I placed the offering underneath a favorite tree of mine. Later that night, I am all but sure I too had a sighting! 

Solstice blessings are all around right now 🦋 Be smart and share the goodness 🧚💞🧚


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