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Diets aren’t all about what we put in our mouths…

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What about our mental diets? Have you ever stopped and pondered over what kind of thoughts we are ‘digesting’ day in and day out? 

Well lately I have and I’m realizing, more than ever, how much trash we tell ourselves! It’s unbelievable the endless judgements and criticisms that we impose on ourselves. 

This is (in a way) the equivalent of eating a mostly fast food diet. It has no value, no benefit, and no room for growing in a healthy way. 

So then I ask—why do we repeatedly do this? 

Because we don’t pay attention to it in a clear way. Our awareness is not present when we feed ourselves mental chatter that is garbage. We are merely carelessly binging on these junk food thoughts since we are used to it. 

If we want different then we have to move different. And if we want to feel better then we have to think better. 

Try it. Pay attention. Catch yourself when you’re thinking trash. Just recognize it and acknowledge that it’s not your actual truth. Then forgive yourself and smile. 😊 literally. 

This seemingly simple mental exercise is HUGE. It encompasses three essential fundamentals to any spiritual journey:




And just the simple act of smiling is altering! It releases endorphins in the brain that make us feel good, shifts energies up, and can literally change our moods, even when we’re in a challenging place.  I didn’t believe it fully, tbh, but then I started trying it regularly... and, well, I was surprised to find I was wrong in my skepticism!

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And I’m glad I was. It’s easy enough and another shimmering little tool in my witch’s toolbox 😁🧙‍♀️ xo 



What a great thing to do. I will be mindful to start practicing my mental diet.

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Thank you for sharing! I hope it is helpful for you 💜😊💞

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