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Crystal of the Week~Unakite

The Witch holding a handful of unakite crystals

I’m all about balance right now! Anything that can assist with bringing myself into a place of better balance is top on my list. So I wanted to share a crystal that is helpful with this. 

This is a crystal that promotes harmony and balance which can help you understand that being happy doesn’t have to mean sacrificing success and growth.  It can also assist with having the mindset to stick with the things you find challenging with the promise that a new beginning is right around the corner.

Unakite promotes balanced emotions and clarity, which can be helpful when dealing with situations that seem to have no right or clear answer. It is filled with Earth power.  The grounding energy of earth can help to  guide you through the tough times in life with assuring confidence.

The Witch holding a handful of unakite above a background of other crystals on a table

It emanates vibrations of joy, hope, and achievement. These energies will reach throughout your home, helping to create a happy atmosphere that is full of inspiration and optimism of what the future may bring.

Unakite assists with recovery from a major illness. It is also believed to treat the female reproductive system and help with healthy pregnancies.

The Witch holding a single, tumbled piece of unakite

It can increase courage and help with taking control of your life. This stone can help to transform your negative energies into positive and beneficial energies. All of this comes together for enabling powerful manifestation potential. 

You can wear it as jewelry or carry a loose piece in a pocket or somewhere on your person. Crystals can be most effective when they’re as near us as possible! 💕😍💕


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