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💎Crystal of the Week~ Angelite

I’ve noticed that the more I work on increasing my spiritual practices and understanding...

A group of tumbled Angelite crystals

...the more I like to connect with my spirit guides and my own intuition. I want to share with everyone about this stone that’s been helpful to me during times when I’m trying to better tune in!

This crystal can help you get in contact with Angels/spirit guides/divine powers who – according to almost every conceptualization, mediate between the human world and the world of God or the gods.

The Witch holding an Angelite pendant set in silver

By coming to better understand these spiritual beings, and being able to communicate with them, you can develop your spiritual senses, and be a more enlightened, psychically attuned individual.

As the connection with spiritual guides increases and improves, you may be calmer and more energized, which could help alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Because it assists with tapping into the energies of the universe, angelite can help improve your ability to engage with others and create healthy communications with them.

The Witch holding a tumbled Angelite crystal

Angelite can be incredible for dream enhancement and/or connecting with spirits while dreaming or meditating.

Try holding or wearing it at times when you’re looking for enhancement with any aspect of spiritual awakening or deepening~ it’s a good boost!🦋


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