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Crystal of the Week ~ Tiger's Eye

A collection of tumbled tiger's eye crystals

With all the chaotic energy lately, some good luck and positive vibes are just the thing!

Tigers eye has been associated with attracting and harnessing luck and good fortune for a very long time. It’s golden hue helps connect to the abundance that is available to all who are open and ready. 

Tigers eye also assists with finding our true selves and following that path authentically. Courage, inner fire, and prosperous hope are all qualities of this crystal. 

The Witch holding a tumbled tiger's eye crystal

It is a stone of truth on all levels. It reveals what actually is. This stone is also excellent for helping us to center our energy and grounding us in reality. 

Tigers Eye, when the golden hue, is a crystal for the solar plexus chakra. It helps us to connect with our inner child and most authentic self. This stone can assist us with stepping into our personal power and not being afraid to show it! 

The Witch holding a tiger's eye pendant

It’s a great time, as we get closer to the next Sabbat, to turn our focus towards reconnecting with our authentic selves.  


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