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Crystal of the Week ~ Smokey Quartz

With the coming eclipses and all of the intense energy they can bring...

The Witch holding a large smoky quartz crystal

...I felt that a good centering stone was perfect to highlight at this time!

This crystal is a highly grounding stone that is associated with the root chakra, and improving connection with the physical world.

It centers the energy, and dispels distractions so you can focus on the physical, and removes negativity.

Smoky Quartz aids in survival instincts and is a tremendously powerful tool for detoxification. It “absorbs” the bad vibes and negative energy surrounding you, and clears the way for more positive manifestation. 

It can help clear the mind of fatigue, depression, and stagnation. Creativity flows more freely when using this crystal. 

Smoky quartz is also a very protective stone, and can be used to help ward and protect the home or wearer. 

I will absolutely be wearing Smoky Quartz during this Eclipse season! The extra warding and clearing vibes will come in handy 💎🖤💎


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