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Crystal of the Week ~ Ruby

There’s been some pretty heavy and draining energy lately...

The Witch holding a handful of raw ruby crystals I wanted to share about a favorite stone of mine that screams vitality!

Ruby is a stone of courage and inner power. It reminds us of our vigor and can provide a boost in physical energy.  Rubies are connected with the root chakra. 

This crystal governs over matters of passion and pure love. It embodies the vibration of loyalty and trust as well. Ruby also can act as an aphrodisiac by increasing our attraction and desirous energies. 

The witch holding a lighter pink ruby crystal

This powerful stone acts as a shield and can protect our energy from psychic attacks and negativity. Ruby also specifically can help to protect our hearts and emotional well being. 

Rubies open us up to an incredible flow of Divine creativity and emergence. Its energy allows us to feel more secure in our true nature. 

Ruby can also assist us with our self esteem. It amplifies our self confidence and fills us with a sense of personal empowerment and competence. 

Wear or carry a piece of Ruby throughout the coming weeks to balance out all of the current intensity 🩷💎❤️


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