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Crystal of the Week ~ Prehinite

A box of polished prehinite crystals

I'm highlighting prehinite because it's such an incredible crystal and yet it is less commonly known. As a healer, I work with prehinite often since it's one of the few stones that specifically helps to "heal the healer." This is a unique and very beneficial quality for anyone who does healing work! Being any type of healer is important yet draining work—this amazing crystal helps to lift, clear, and realign our energy body 💚

It embodies both earth and water elements, which facilitate harmony and joy to the mind and spirit. Prehinite

assists with the development of connection with Mother Nature; it does this by helping to create a deep bond between our heart and the heart of the earth. The watery vibes of prehinite help us to better convey thoughts and emotions in a way that is balanced and neutral to others. It stabilizes energies and draws in a calming, serene feeling.

Prehinite can also aid in more effective connections with higher spiritual planes, and boosting spiritual work. In the past it had been known as a stone of magic, perhaps because of its powerful ability to connect us with Divine Wisdom.

It is a potent crystal of vitality and life-force energy. It also works intensely with the heart chakra, allowing for emotional healing to flow more freely.

If you're a person who loves crystals and working with them for healing, add prehinite to your tool box; you won't regret it! 💎 💚 😍

A more gemstone grade prehinite set in a ring
The witch holding a tumbled piece of prehinite



Love love love this thank you! I wanted to know more about different crystals and what they do and how they help. Appreciate this thank you!

-Lisa from the coast of California 🌊🙋🏻‍♀️

Replying to

That’s great that it was a new one for you to discover!💚😍💎

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