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Crystal of the Week ~ Mookaite

I've been feeling the need for more grounded energy as of late...

A stunning large mookaite pendant I felt that this was a perfect crystal to feature! Plus it's not one that is talked about too too often.

Mookaite is a crystal of the "here and now," helping you to appreciate the past, enjoy and focus on the present, and look forward to the future. It fills you with hope, happiness, and excitement, while dispelling worries that are not helpful.

Mookaite improves self-esteem and shifts perspective to help create a deeper connection with your true spirit, bringing a sense of wholeness.

It helps while dealing with difficult periods by bringing feelings of calm and comfort. It's a grounding crystal that encourages strength and stability. It also shields and protects from negative energies.

Mookaite can be utilized to communicate with your spirit guides or Ancestors. Because of its powerful earth energies, it is an excellent tool to deepen Ancestral connection.

The potent earth energy can help us to connect with our innate intuition, but from a more grounded and logical perspective. This vibration allows for better manifestation.

I'll be wearing my Mookaite for the next couple of weeks to better center myself as we come through the second part of the winter season!



Another great crystal! Thank you so much! I have no earth in my birth chart so staying grounded has always been challenging for me. This one sounds like a good one to have. ❤️👏🏻

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It’s a fantastic one! And it’s grounding but without being too heavy, which I absolutely love 😍💞


This is exactly what I need lately. 😅 I've had quite some trouble keeping grounded. Thank you for sharing! Blessed be!✨

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Glad to help! I think you’ll love this stone😍

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