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Crystal of the Week ~ Lepidolite

I can’t think of anyone that doesn’t need at least a little help with either better self love, anxiety relief, or general emotional support...

A beautiful shell of tumbled lepidolite crystals

...which is why I am choosing to talk about Lepidolite this week!

This is an excellent crystal for encouraging joy, gratitude, and self-love in a very calm and tranquil way.  

The energy of contentment emanated by lepidolite makes it easier to connect well with your higher self, and overall spiritual side. 

It can help you to put yourself first when necessary and to tune into yourself without feeling guilty or lazy. This crystal has the energy to help you see the value of idleness, of stopping and just allowing yourself to be.


This stone has a unique ability to ease emotional suffering and help you become more aware of the joy that is present all around you.

Lepidolite has the amazing power of helping you become more attuned with the divine energies both of the universe and yourself. 

It can help with handling issues that are either paining or limiting you on a psychic level. This could include challenges with anxiety, grief or mourning, depression, even feelings of apathy or not belonging. 

Lepidolite can assist with making more sense of your emotions and how to approach them in a healthy way, so that you can make the changes that are important and necessary for improving your life.

This is definitely a crystal to add to your collection. I’ll be working with mine too! 💜



I love this stone! It has helped me so much with sleep in particular. I have a bunch of it under my pillow and it helps me sleep at night. Thank you for posting all the wonderful qualities about this crystal!

Replying to

My pleasure 😊it’s a wonderful crystal!🔮

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