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Crystal of the Week ~ Citrine

With all of the intense vibrations lately and still coming, I wanted to share about one of my personal, “go to” crystals for replenishing ourselves and vitality! 🤩

A collection of tumbled, terminated, polished citrine crystals, on their own and in jewelry

A potent Solar Plexus Chakra crystal, this powerful gem embodies the bright energy of the Sun. It fill us with cleansing and rejuvenating energies as it purifies negative and toxic influences. It does not hold onto negativity, so it never needs to be cleansed because it always remains pure!

Citrine is a crystal that also attracts prosperity, wealth, and abundance. As an added bonus , it is considered to be lucky as well as beneficial for business success. 

The energy of citrine will give you inspiration and increase your vital energy and drive.  It also helps you pick up the pieces when difficulties arise and find the fortitude to start fresh 💫

If you’re ever having nightmares, place a piece of Citrine into your pillowcase to help keep them at bay 💖

Citrine encourages our true joyous nature to shine freely without fear or limitations!

Try working with it and discover for yourself why this is one of my favorites 🥰


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