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Crystal of the Week—Blue Kyanite

One of my personal favorites!

The witch holding a large blue kyanite crystal

This beautiful crystal can align all the chakras in your body and restore its balance and harmony.

It can give a calming effect on your being while keeping you centered.

Blue kyanite is the crystal of connection that makes pathways from your mind to your heart, and it keeps them well-connected.

It can help open your mind and increase telepathic and psychic abilities, as well.

Blue kyanite can also help you get into a meditative state because of the balance and harmony that encompasses your being. It will also encourage you to discover new interests, learn new skills, and build on your current skills.

It's grounding and energizing, and can help one to accomplish goals with joy and enthusiasm.

The healing energies of blue kyanite can help with physical fatigue and emotional weariness.

This crystal never needs to be cleansed as it doesn't hold onto negativity! Holding or carrying blue kyanite will increase your visions and overall intuitive potential. It's a perfect addition to any psychic work.

Wear or carry your blue kyanite to start enjoying its benefits! 💙



Blue kyanite is one of my favorite stones. I wear a beautiful piece I bought at the shoppe. 🩵💙

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Isn’t it fantastic? I truly feel its benefits 💎🩵💎


I definitely need that in my life!!

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You won’t regret it!💎😍💎


I’m wearing blue kyanite right now. Such a wonderful stone.

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So so good!!😍💎🩵

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