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A Reminder

When I'm feeling drained or a little low, I look to nature for the answer. Everything has a balance, and it's most evident when observing how the earth moves.

The witch holding a statue of Gaia

Whether rain or shine, the birds still do their thing. If it's snowing, I still see the squirrels rummaging around. I can hear the sounds of Mother Nature no matter my mood or how crazy life seems. It's constant, it's unbound by the woes of human worries.

There's wisdom to be found in the simplicity and consistency of how nature continues regardless of whatever may be bothering us. It teaches that we too can act in the flow of nature—because we ARE ALSO NATURE.

Sometimes we forget this as we get drawn into the stresses and pettiness of daily life. But we need to remember where we are, and where we come from. This truth grounds and centers us if we can take the time to just look and allow our surroundings to show and heal us.



How true this is🙏🏻💯. I am lucky and grateful to live a couple blocks from the beach. There is so much nature around here I feel very lucky. Love walking my dog around all the cypress and eucalyptus trees. Thank you for this article ❤️


That sounds absolutely fabulous! What a treasure 🙏I’m grateful you enjoyed this🥰🩷❤️


I love that, ty


You’re very welcome 😍Thank you!💖💜

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