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Crystal of the Week ~ Amber

Since we are still in the middle of winter, I wanted to focus on a stone that embodies a bright and uplifting spirit to give us all a boost!

A bowl of polished amber nuggets

Amber felt like the perfect one to highlight 😊

Amber isn't technically a mineral because it is literally tree resin that is thousands of years old! But it is an amazing gift of nature. It possesses the ancient energy of trees, and with this comes the inherent wisdom of the earth.

Amber is a warm, joyful, wise, protective, and healing stone. It can help to dispel negative moods, and it will disperse negativity that others may direct at you.

Amber is also quite helpful for those suffering from anxiety or depression. It can stabilize emotions while easing needless worrying.

It can help to boost creativity and imbue a feeling of muse working with and through you. Working with Amber provides a source of inspiration and assists with following through on desired goals.

Amber can strengthen and connect you with your inner knowing/wisdom/Higher Self, which will intensify psychic awareness.

Known to be a stone of manifestation, it can attract an increase in your finances or other forms of prosperity and wealth.

In regards to love and relationships, Amber can be an extremely powerful and beneficial tool. It encourages cooperation, patience, and improves trust. It even assists with dispelling jealousy and insecurities—two common strains on relationships.

Amber is an ancient symbol of beauty, romance, and attraction. Its energies will electrify desires causing either new passionate connections to form, or the deepening of existing relationships.

Whenever I'm feeling like I need to connect with nature and my own inner earthly self, I wear Amber. It reminds me that winter won't last forever and that there is beauty in all of nature's cycles!



I have an amber ring and LOVE IT! Thank you for the article ❤️

Replying to

You’re most welcome!🥰💜

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